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Being charged with a criminal offence is one of the most complex and difficult situations anyone can face. During this time of need our goal is to provide a complete defence that embodies the strongest legal representation with a compassionate approach to the emotional and personal needs of the individual and their family.

THEFT under 5000

Theft crimes include break and enter, theft, and robbery. 


Assault means applying force, or threatening to apply force, to another person without consent. 


Even if you are under the age of eighteen, a youth can still be tried and sentenced as an adult. The consequences of a conviction and potential punishment can be devastating.


Sexual Assault charges may also come with restrictive bail conditions which may make having any resemblance of a normal life very difficult.

fraud & white collar crime

White-collar crime refers to financially motivated nonviolent crime committed by businesses. These crimes include price fixing, illegal dumping, kickbacks by manufacturers to retailers, misleading advertising, stock fraud, and investment fraud.


If you have been charged with a drug offence it is important to understand all your rights throughout the legal process.


Many individuals possess firearms legally, however improper storage, travelling with a firearm and other prohibited activity may be committed unintentionally. 

murder and manslaughter

You cannot successfully defend against a murder charge without a lawyer who is experienced, confident, and willing to roll-up their sleeves and fight.

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